I Make My Own Homemade Deodorant, And So Can You!

I Make My Own Homemade Deodorant, And So Can You!

homemade deodorant stickThis is the top homemade recipe posts that I shared here on Passionate Homemaking in the very beginning that has been passed around the internet in incalculable ways, so I thought it was fit to re-share it with you all in our top 10 celebration! Don't throw your deodorant out though, just reheat it and add more of the other ingredients without adding more essential oils. The key to the new version of this recipe is to make sure the beeswax is completely melted into the coconut oil before adding the other ingredients. I was just wondering if this would be good to use with a young child (2.5YO) - I'm just not sure whether the baking soda would be too abrasive for milk teeth. The shea butter will be the next one I try, but if beeswax works for you, I'll go for it too. It was probably the baking soda that caused the intense burning sensation I had the first night (after applying it directly after shaving). I have made a similar deodorant that I continue to tweek for the past few years. This time I used lavender essential oil but will have to make something more manly" smelling although my wife loves using this.

I like the idea of using coconut oil - I used raw shea butter, but the shea butter that I have is bright yellow. This is when I usually perspire the most, so I knew it would be the true test of how to make deodorant spray well the natural deodorant performed. Try a homemade deodorant: Mix equal parts of witch hazel, Aloe Vera and mineral water. Since a lot of the commentators here expressed sensitivities to baking soda, I used half the amount of baking soda then half was bentonite clay.

I loved this homemade deodorant, good odor control and does not leave you feeling greasy , the only problem I found is that after a few days of use my armpits started to get very irritated, art first i thought it was just the change, but then it just became too much.

Also, I'm trying 92 degree coconut oil for summer deodorants since the 76 tends to get runny when it gets hot. I like this in particular because no more plastic (deodorant containers) going into the landfill. Likewise, my sister tried some natural deodorants without luck, until she bought one with tea tree oil. One of the main reasons why many people decided to switch from stick deodorant to gel is because of the crumbles, balls and flakes it produces when you sweat. If the scent is too strong, add more starch (1 to 2 parts) and baking soda (1 part). I learned the obvious, that whatever form the ingredients take on at room temperature will influence the final form of the cooled deodorant. The many trace minerals in Calcium Bentonite Clay are fused together into a super compound structure known as a clay particle, which cannot break down and cannot be absorbed by your body".

I come from a family of sweaters & thought I'd have to bear the burden forever, but this homemade deodorant WORKS and has LITERALLY changed my life. It smells like alcohol, but can be supplemented with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I made this deodorant and put it in 2 containers for my mom and me to try, and it did a great job the first 4-5 days. When the wax is completely melted, add the cornstarch/arrowroot and baking soda, and mix until thoroughly combined. If you want easier mixing, melt the coconut oil first and then let harden before using.

The evidence linking Alzheimer's with aluminum is purely circumstantial and has largely been dismissed, according to the Alzheimer's society website If despite current research you still choose to avoid aluminum in deodorant (one legitimate reason would be to avoid yellow underarms) try using zinc.

I keep a small spray bottle in my purse and use it anytime I feel I need it. I also spray alcohol in my shoes and boots everyday after I take them off …to kill the odor causing bacteria. Slowly add coconut oil and work it in with a spoon or hand blender until it maintains a firm but pliable texture.

Bulgaria, the European Union's poorest country, is a major producer of rose oil. I use a very basic variation on this recipe, just coconut oil and some patchouli essential oil and it works perfectly, although I do smell like a bit of a 60's hippy (yes I am old enough to remember the 60's). There is a safe alternative - look no further than the Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant Stick. I think it's supposed to be a thick cream, but not in hawaii